donderdag 13 januari 2011


We went to the hospital today for a hearing test. Lots of kids who had meningitis loose their hearing or at least have difficulties to hear. This last of three tests after the meningitis treatment was as good as the first two. Kalle's right ear is good. His left ear is not as good as the right one, but it's still okay. That's pretty amazing, considering the damage in his head.
The waiting room was full of people. Nervous parents, children running, playing, shouting. Then we heard the hearing test-lady call Kalle's name. With Kalle in my arms I walked to the other side of the waiting room, totally filled with love and pride. That feeling just hit me when the lady called Kalle's name. I thought: 'Yes people. This is our amazing son, with the most lovely face, gorgeous curly hair and a pretty cool name. Take a good look.'

2 opmerkingen:

  1. fantastisch! wat een geweldig mooie woorden omschrijf je het. hij doet zijn naam eer aan hoor, jullie zoon. en gefeliciteerd met het goede nieuws