woensdag 26 januari 2011


The last couple of weeks Kalle is coughing a lot, with tons of phlegm in his bronchial tubes. Every time he takes a breath you can hear strange noises. This morning those noises just were too present. Unfortunately we can't just call his pediatrician and ask if she can listen to his lungs (we want to be sure he doesn't have pneumonia). It's a big, academic hospital, meaning: if you want an appointment today, you need to go to the emergency room. So that's where we went.

They took a photo of his lungs. The photo showed signs of a viral infection, just like a couple of weeks ago. But no pneumonia. And it turned out that Kalle is not getting enough oxygen, because of all the phlegm that is blocking his respiratory tract. His saturation (= oxygen level in his blood) is supposed to be between '92-100'. It was around '89-92'. That's not really bad, but it's just not okay. So they decided to keep him for a day or two, to keep a close eye on him, give him an extra med, maybe even an antibiotic (which I don't really understand because it's not a bacterial, but a viral infection...). Unfortunately the hospital where at least some of the doctors know Kalle didn't have a bed available. So now we're in a smaller hospital, further away from our home. His saturation is already slightly better than a couple of hours ago. So maybe, maybe we can go home tomorrow. Cause home is where we should be. Where we want to be.

Me and Kalle in the ambulance...he slept. I thought this was the cool part of the day....

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