woensdag 19 januari 2011

New chair & first swimming experience

Yesterday we finally got Kalle's special chair. After 3,5 months of waiting. It is huge, but fits well. And it's green (we were allowed to choose the colors). So yesterday Kalle was joining us at the table for the first time while we were having dinner :-) Pretty cool.

Another 'first time': We went swimming, with Kalle. At the rehabilitation center they have a warm pool. Well actually...Jan went swimming with him, I watched, took pictures and made a short video. We're not sure he really liked it, but he didn't cry, so maybe he just had to get used to the new envorinment. And of course he looked extremely cute in his swimming diaper....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Aaah, wat leuk! Zowel dat de stoel er (eindelijk) is als het eerste zwemmoment (heel slim trouwens om Jan erin te sturen. Beetje male-bonding in het water is nooit weg en het bespaart jezelf badpak-toestanden). Ik zeg: Go Kalle:-)!