woensdag 12 januari 2011

It helps....

...to post bad posts. Like the last one. Last nights where actually okay, with only 1-3 short breaks. Yesterday Kalle and I played the kicking-game for quite a while: Kalle is laying on his back, kicking with his feet, trying to hit something....in this case me. He seems to enjoy every 'succesful' kick. At least...that's what we think. We notice some enthousiasm in his face. It's great that he moves his legs like this. Shortly after his meningitis they ran a test to check if there were signals going from his hands and feet to his brain. The results were bad. The test is not 100% reliable, they said. And it shows. Kalle is definitely consciously moving his arms and legs, trying to hit something, reacting. Go Kalle!


1 opmerking:

  1. :-) Wat een stoere vent. En wat fijn dat-ie nog goed hoort!! Toch belangrijk in zo'n muzikaal gezin...

    Kick geniet ook erg van muziek. Z'n favoriet is het Zwanenmeer (met het verhaal erbij verteld, op CD). Als-ie oud genoeg is, sleep ik 'm mee naar het ballet!