zondag 30 januari 2011


After a night and a whole day without any oxygen Kalle's saturation was too low last night. Not very, very low. But just too low. So now he has a nasal feeding tube in his left nostril and a nasal cannula in both nostrils. At least his face looks symmetric now, with two patches....

There is still a lot of phlegm in his airways. Even though he coughes every now and then it just seems to stay there. Yesterday I called the laboratory for the results of the viral tests. It turned out he has two virusses: Rhino and Picorna, two common viruses that cause a common cold. But because this is Kalle's first winter, he still needs to develop his immune system. And it's more difficult for him to get rid of the phlegm beacuse he doesn't move as much as other kids. Right now he is two meters away from me and I can hear that weird squeaking sound while he's breathing. So going home together seems to be far away...it will be days, maybe a week?

The people in the hospital are nice. But everything is old, worn out. The hospital will move to a new location in a couple of months. We're on the ground floor, a parking lot in front of our window. So at least ther's a lot of entertainment.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. aaaah, wat sneu voor Kalle. Hopelijk helpt het hem snel...Hij wordt er trouwens niet minder knap op, met die twee plakkers op zijn wangen...Misschien is er een nieuwe modetrend ingezet?
    Dikke kus van ons daar voor jullie in het ziekenhuis op Zuid. Hopelijk kunnen jullie snel weer de Erasmusbrug oversteken met z'n drieën...Noord is een stuk minder leuk zo...
    x es

  2. hoi Kalle Balen dat je nu weer zo lang in het ziekenhuis moet liggen. Hopenlijk ben je snel weer thuis . Mila is ook ziek en mijn mama gisteren ook, veel kusjes van Mila en Iris