dinsdag 16 november 2010


We are waiting for THE phone call. Kalle is no. 1 on the hospital's waiting list for the ketogenic diet. We expect the call any day now. Kalle then has to go to the hospital for one or two weeks, if nothing unexpected happens. Fingers crossed we get the call soon, the diet will help and nothing unexpected will happen (unless it's something great, of course...).

In the meantime we are not looking forward to the next months. For many reasons. Will the diet help control the seizures? And with december getting closer we get flashbacks all the time... One year ago I carried a perfectly healthy baby in my belly. At the beginning of december we have been to Paris. The week before Christmas I got very sick. I didn't know I had salmonella poisoning, the bacteria that would make Kalle sick two weeks later. Etc...etc... We would love to go back to last year, with the knowledge we have now. Maybe things would be different now.

The good news: Kalle played a bit today...check out this video...look at him, concentrating, trying to hit the mobile hanging above his head :-) He did a great job!


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