zaterdag 27 november 2010

Day 6 of the ketogenic diet

Kalle was pretty tired today. Slept a lot, didn't enjoy drinking his bottles. I guess it's because his metabolism now works differently. The body has to adjust to the new source of energy. The ketone level in his blood was 3,4! That's good. It has to be between 3 and it's the first day he is actually 'in ketosis'. He looked more relaxed, too. Less seizures than yesterday. But it's way too early to think it's because of the diet.
It's weekend, so it's quiet in the hospital. No doctors running around, just the basic stuff.

We were told that one of the employees (we don't know who) has an MRSA infection. So every patient needs to be tested. Not exactly what we are waiting for..... if anybody else turns out to be positive, they need to shut down this part of the hospital. Meaning: Isolation, sending the patients home or to other hospitals (if they are tested negative, of course). One of the nurses assured us that the infected person has not been Kalle's nurse. So the chance that he's infected is small. But still...

Good night, Sonja

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  1. a fine day after a very bad day without sunshine. I hope it is the first step to the rest of his life "in ketogis". much greetings from Rijsbergen.