vrijdag 19 november 2010


We received THE phone call this morning. Monday Kalle will finally go to the hospital for the start of the ketogenic diet (read previous posts). What a relief. Let's hope it will help reduce the seizures, make him more alert and happy. He will be on the diet for at least 3 months, probably much longer, if it really helps. The first one or two weeks he'll has to be in the hospital because they have to check his blood and urine daily. We'll both be with him during daytime. One of us will stay with him at night. The Sophia Children's Hospital has free internet, so we'll write regular updates.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. That´s great news! I read the article from the previous post, and I wondered how Kalle is going to eat in the coming months. Is it some form of Keto-Olvarit, or does it work via a drip? Let's hope it works, and that he will lose the seizures after a few years of diet...

  2. Edwin, Kalle will get 'Ketocal 4:1', a special formula we hope he'll drink by himself. 4:1 means: 4 parts fat 1 part carbohydrates and protein.

  3. Great news! We're keeping our fingers crossed and we will light a candle for you in again these stressfull times.
    Thinking of you
    love Fenneke & Jethro

  4. Dan hebben jullie inmiddels weer een spannende dag erop zitten. heel veel sterkte en ik duim mee voor jullie