dinsdag 23 november 2010

Day 2 of the ketogenic diet

The doctors ran a test today that showed that Kalle needs only very few calories. He doesn't move that much, so he doesn't burn that much calories. It's very important to know how much calories he needs so the dietitian can figure out the exact amount of nutrition Kalle will get on the diet. Too much nutrition would mean that the diet might not work.
He drank his bottles quite well (mix of 1/2 of his 'old' nutrition, 1/2 of the new ketogenic nutrition). During the next couple of days he might feel hungry, maybe nauseous. Keep your fingers crossed that he won't feel that uncomfortable.
Tomorrow: big blood work (not today). It will be pretty difficult to find a vein. We remember the first time he had to stay in this hospital. One day Kalle needed a new infusion. They tried ten (10!) times for like 2 hours. Didn't work. So fingers crossed for that one, too....
It's a strange thing to sit in a hospital room all day. Like you're in another world. Everything outside just keeps on going. Let's hope we don't have to stay here for weeks..


PS: picture of Kalle during the 'calories-test'

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