donderdag 3 februari 2011

We want to go home!

Still in the hospital. After a day and a night without oxygen Kalle just needed a little bit this morning. His saturation was not good enough without it. It was not way too low, like was just a bit too low.
Lots of epilepsy, lots of small seizures, not very alert either. It almost seemed like Kalle was somewhere else today. We were so worried that the pediatrician decided to call Kalle's neurologist in the other hospital. He said that the epilepsy may react to the viral infection now and that this reaction often occurs when the biggest part of the infection is already over. That was a small relief.
Drinking is still a problem. He gets his nutrition through the nasal feeding tube. When he tries to drink it's okay for a short time. Then he starts choking and coughing. The chocking is not very bad 'cause he coughs very well, but we are afraid that we don't give him the chance to fully recover if he keeps on choking now. So I guess we'll have to take him home with the feeding tube and then see if we can go back to the bottle. Kalle loves it so much.

We are so ready to go home. Let's hope Kalle feels that way, too, very soon.

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  1. I also hope Kalle is very soon ready to go home with you. My thoughts are with you with lots of hope and love. XXX