vrijdag 4 februari 2011

And another one....... Rotavirus!

You might think that if you go to the hospital you're supposed to get better.... well...that's not always te case. Kalle has diarrhea and he vomited twice after receiving his medication. Turns out he has the Rotavirus.
Somehow it's almost a relief. We were worried that something might be wrong with his drain. Vomiting and an increase of epileptic activity may be a sign for a drain that is not working properly. But it's 'just' another virus. There is no medication, you just have to be patient. We hope Kalle's stomach will accept his medication in the morning. Especially his antiepileptic drugs are so important. Skipping the meds once isn't great, skipping twice is a real problem.
Hope you'll get better soon, little man!

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