dinsdag 1 februari 2011


Kalle had an EEG today. He looked so cute with his electrode cap :-) The major insult at the beginning of the EEG was not so cute. At least they registered it, meaning: They now know what we are talking about when we tell them Kalle had one of his 'head from left to right-seizures'. Result on february 11, the day of our next appointment with the neurologist.

More wires....

We're not so sure this EEG will be much better than the last one. Of course, we hope the epilepsy got a little bit better with the ketogenic diet. But EEG's are not the holy grail. Maybe it's even more important what you see on the outside: does he make more contact, is he more relaxed, more alert.... On march 1 we will talk about the 3 months trial period (dec / jan / feb). That day we'll decide if Kalle will stay on the diet or not.

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  1. hoe zijn de ketogeenwaarden van Kalle ondanks alle buisjes en alle medicijnen die hij nu krijgt tegen de verkoudheidsvirussen ?