vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Better EEG! Confused...

Just talked to Kalle's neurologist. Kalle's last EEG is much better than the last one. It's far from 'good' (it will be never be good or normal), but for Kalle it's a step in the good direction.
It's weird because I noticed a lot of epileptic activity during the EEG. But apparantly not all of this activity appears on the EEG. So IS it epileptic activity or something else??

Of course, we're happy with the rresults. But we're also aware of the fact that the EEG is just a snapshot in time. It might have been a lucky moment. But maybe it is in fact the result of the ketogenic diet. Maybe it really helps.
Next EEG on february 28. We'll see...

The results of the metabolic tests are good. Great!

So much has happened during the last year. So many unexpected things. Almost all of them were negative. Because of that we're cautious about being 'too' happy after one 'good' result.
So we'll wait for the next EEG and hope that it was more than a snapshot in time.

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  1. mooi nieuws. groeten Annemiek
    en sterkte met jouw enkel Jan!