zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Medical daycare - blessing or curse?

Kalle is not doing okay. His epilepsy is way too present, he gets irritated very easlily. Sometimes he gets seizures when he coughs or sneezes, when he hears a sound, when somebody approaches him. And sometimes they just come out of nowhere.
Yesterday he went to the medical daycare center, like (almost) every friday. He did okay when he was there, he even drank 2 bottles all by himself, didn't need his nasal feeding tube. But as soon as we got in the car the siezures started. Heavy, fast breathing, his eyes moving weird, tension, crying, the whole thing. It felt like the day at the daycare had been too much for him. Too many kids, too many noises, just too much going on, not enough rest. We noticed that before. We needed two hours to calm him down at least a little bit. So is daycare a blessing or a curse? Yes, Kalle needs to get used to other kids. It's good for Jan and me to have some time without Kalle (people say). But if this is the price we have to pay....
Kalle woke up twice last night, not happy. This morning the nightmare continued. Again: lots of seizures. We gave him some laxative because we know that not pooping means much more irritation. Without any result so far.
We don't know what to do. Why do those things always happen when it's weekend, when Kalle's doctor is not working and calling the hospital is not really an option?? Yes, we could talk to an assistant neurologist, but those people usually never met Kalle. They don't know his medical history. So we'll just hope Kalle gets through the weekend without any major incidents. And we'll call his doctor on monday.

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