vrijdag 4 maart 2011

A better day

Yesterday was a terrible day with lots and lots of seizures. Today was a better day, with less seizures. Kalle was more relaxed and so were we.
It's frustrating that this is not a puzzle we can solve. Usually if I really want to understand why something is going on I do some research until I find the answer. But this is an other league. Epilepsy is a monster. Unpredicatable and mean. Yesterday the monster was angry. Today it was present, but it was in a relatively good mood. We try to find out how we can keep it in its cage. We can't accept it's stronger than we are, stronger than the doctors are. So we just go on. We'll do everything we can to conquer it.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig beeldend en tegelijkertijd confronterend verwoord. Zo raak: het monster komt de ene dag naar buiten en is boos, en blijft de andere dag in z'n kooi. Zag nog fotootje via Facebook vorige week - wat een krullenbol is Kalle inmiddels!

  2. veel succes in het ziekenhuis a.s. week Kalle! je gaat maar 1 dagje weg (poliklinisch??). ook veel sterkte voor jouw papa en mama. kus Annemiek