donderdag 10 maart 2011

Kalle and my nose

Terrible start of the week on monday. Jan had to stay home instead of going to work. Kalle cried hysterically for hours, had lots of seizures...and I couldn't handle it.
The last couple of days were okay-ish. Some parts of a day with lots of epileptic activity, others with hours of sleep or a pretty alert Kalle.
Two days ago Kalle looked at me while he was 'sitting' on Jan's lap. His left hand grabbed my nose and squeezed it really hard. I loved it. Those are the small things we carry like a present for a long time.
Went to Danny, the osteopath, today. He hadn't seen Kalle for two months. Danny was positive about Kalle's muscle tension and his alertness. Unfortunately he also noticed that he had never felt such strong seizures :-(  I guess that's the controversy of this moment....

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