dinsdag 7 februari 2012

New drug

So we finally started a new drug, called Lamotrigine. We started with a very small dose and we will build it up for 12 weeks. Going this slow is important in order to prevent Kalle from getting a serious side effect: a skin rash that can be life threatening.
It's scary. Some parents told us their kids got more seizures instead of less while taking Lamotrigine. On the other hand...if you read about side effects too much you stop taking aspirine...
We figured we have to give it at try since Kalle's seizures got worse. He also has real tonic seizures now. His muscles contract, he stops breathing for a couple of seconds, his face turns red, he sticks his tongue out. It looks terrible.

We really want the new drug to work. But chances are small. If you tried a couple of drugs that didn't work you have to be really, really lucky to find one that does.

So let's hope this will be a lucky shot!

Kalle enjoyed a walk on a cold winter day