zondag 3 juli 2011


Kalle's first tooth came through two weeks ago and the second one is already peeking through :-) Most kids get their first teeth much earlier. We thought that Kalle's brain damage might be the reason for the delay. Other parents of kids with epilepsy told us that AED's (antiepileptic drugs) harden the gums and make it much more difficult for the teeth to break through. Especially sodium valproate seems to have a big influence on the teeth. That's exactly the drug we are weaning off since last march. So maybe that's the reason why Kalle's teeth now start to grow.

Kalle also got his first haircut ever. I'll post a picture later. We saved one curl (still his first baby hair!).

Kalle is still coughing a lot and has lots of phlegm, especially after drinking his bottle. The ketocal contains so much more fat than regular nutrition...so that doesn't help. The epilepsy is going up and down, as it always is. Bad days, better days. The teeth coming through don't help. Kalle's neurologist wanted to introduce a new AED, but we convinced him to wait, at least until we weaned off the sodium valproate. We don't want Kalle to take three different AED's at the same time.

Last friday we went to the hospital for a regular blood and urine check. That's what the ketogenic diet protocol requires every three months. Early in the morning we attached a urine collection bag to his genital area (which looks kind of funny...poor penis...). But hours later the bag was still empty. We waited. And waited... Nothing happened. So they only did the blood work and gave us two urine collection bags, for the next time :-)

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  1. ben heel benieuwd naar de foto van je gekorte haardos Kalle! kusjes van Annemiek p.s. er hangen zelfs appeltjes aan het boompje dat jouw papa en mama destijds tgv Iris' geboorte hebben gegeven!