zondag 24 juli 2011

More teeth!

Still some coughing here, still some phlegm, but it seems to be slightly better than it was a week ago. We let Kalle inhale salt water 3 - 4 times / day which helps to loosen up the phlegm.
Drinking is still a problem. Somehow the coordination between sucking, swallowing and breathing seems to be more difficult for him right now. We still hope it's temporary, caused by the virus the discovered, last time we went to the hospital.

But Kalle is getting older and we thought this might be a good time to try something else: a cup! Cause with a cup he doesn't need to suck. It's going better than we expected. He doesn't enjoy it, but he is bravely undergoing the new drinking experience... It would be great if he wouldn't need the bottle at all in a couple of weeks or months. We'll see...

All of a sudden Kalle is getting teeth everywhere. He started with one front tooth (upper jaw), followed by two (!) molars (lower and upper jaw). Now the other front tooth in his upper jaw is definately present PLUS one front tooth in Kalle's lower jaw.That's five teeth within 5-6 weeks. That might explain some of the crying....

Kalle finally got his new stroller. Today a friend of Jan (who is studying for occupational therapist) helped us to adjust all parts of the stroller so every part fits Kalle's body perfectly. When it stops raining we'll take a nice walk!
The stroller came with two adapters for a baby car seat so we can talk walks with two kids shortly :-)

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