zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Another visit to the emergency room

Five weks ago Kalle had to stay in the hospital for two days. Lots of phlegm, most probably caused by RS-virus. After two days the doctors were sure enough that Kalle would be better instead of worse and we were allowed to go home.
Since then the phlegm is a growing problem. It just stays in the upper part of his trachea. Sometimes it goes a bit deeper, causing irritation. Kalle can cough really well, but he just doesn't cough enough. So we try to force him, but most of the time with no succes. He just coughes when he feels like it.

Yesterday, after a pretty good day, Kalle started to cough in the evening. But he actually sounded like a seal with a sore throat. It must have hurt cause he started crying, which caused more phlegm, which he tried to cough up, which must have hurt more etc.... We let him inhale NaCl (to loosen up the phlegm) and Atrovent (to widen his airways). But he woke up at night, sounding and coughing even worse. His lungs actually sounded terrible. At 4 'o clock we called the hospital. But since Kalle didn't have a fever and he still had the desire to drink they suggested we might as well wait until the morning. So we tried to sleep.

At 7:30 we drove to the emergency room, the only place where they can check all the things that needed to be checked, without an appointment . Kalle's coughing still sounded terrible, but he hadn't developed a fever, his lungs didn't sound worse. They immediately suggested Kalle may have a condition called pseudo-croup. Treatment: inhale once with a stronger medicine (pulmicort), inhale more often at home with NaCl / Atrovent and be patient. They made an x-ray of his lungs which was okay (they saw some phlegm - what a surprise - but no sign of inflammation that might lead to pneumonia). After 4 hours we went home. Now we hope that the next night will be better.

At the emergency room, when Kalle was crying, I made a very surprising discovery. I saw two (!) teeth I hadn't seen before. Not just small front teeth, but two molars at the right side of Kalle's jaw, one in the upper jaw, one in the lower jaw. It's pretty weird 'cause Kalle still doesn't have all of his front teeth, only one in the upper jaw. But I guess Kalle wouldn't be Kalle if everything would be just normal....

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