donderdag 2 december 2010


Good to be home. We needed some time to adjust, after the week in the hospital. Just the three of us.

Kalle is doing 'okay', even though the frequency of his seizures changes a lot. There are hours with very few seizures and hours with lots of seizures. I try to tell myself this doesn't say anything about if the diet will work or not. But it's not easy to be hopeful. After all those months of bad news it's difficult to expect good news. And there are stories about kids with even more seizures Kalle has who became almost seizure free after days. We have to be patient.
Two days ago Kalle smiled for a couple of seconds. Amazing! And that smile didn't have anything to do with a seizure (he has seizures where he turns his head, rolls his eyes and then smiles).

His ketosis his just above 4 (for those who understand what it means :-) ), he drinks his bottles, even though it sometimes takes an hour to finish. And he sleeps at night! Most nights are actually okay the last 2 months or so (thanks, Nitrazepam).

Got an appointment with the dietitian tomorrow...she'll call for an evaluation of the last week.

Bye, Sonja

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijn om weer thuis te zijn. We duimen voor jullie met alle ketogenische maaltijden.

  2. what is this?? what sort of spread? where doe you take the picture? nice!

  3. haha, nice huh? Het is iets op de food-afdeling van de Ikea :-)