donderdag 16 december 2010

Another visit to the hospital

It's becoming a habit to go to the emergency room on guess where we've been today. Kalle's breathing still sounds terrible, he drinks less than he should and he's coughing and choking during drinking just isn't okay. The good news: His blood (sugar, ketones) is still okay, he pees and he didn't loose weight so far.

In contrast to what the doctor told us last week, they did find two viruses in Kalle's nose. Both of them might cause the awful amount of phlegm. That phlegm makes him cough and maybe also makes him choke while he's trying to drink. But this is theory. There is no way to really find out. 
We need to watch Kalle's temperature very closely. As soon as he develops a fever we need to go back to the emergency room. A fever might be the first sign of pneumonia. 

The doctors also made an x-ray of his lungs. They are not 100% clean and looked like there's viral infection. But in theory it could also be 'micro aspiration', meaning: every time Kalle drinks he probably breathes in small amounts of fluid. If that would be the case the fluid might cause the phlegm, which might cause the coughing etc....
If all this trouble is caused by the virus(es) we should see improvement within the next week.

We'll get a nebulizer (see picture) we have to use 2 - 4 times / day. Not with real meds in it, just with saline. We hope it will help Kalle get rid of the phlegm.

We have to be back to the hospital on the 24th (that reminds me of something...oh's Christmas....). If the doctors see improvement we'll spend Christmas at home. If they don't we won't have to think about where to go and what to do during the holidays...

Take care, Sonja

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  1. Lieve Kalle, zet hem op! Wij denken hier allemaal aan je. Liefs uit Berlijn.

  2. Hopelijk mag het meevallen en ben je met de Kerstdagen gewoon in jullie eigen huisje.