zaterdag 2 april 2011


Okay, telling how good yesterday has been was clearly a mistake. What we feared actually happened: today sucked. The moment Kalle woke up I just knew he would have a bad day. And he did. During the first hour he was awake we already noticed more seizures than yesterday during the whole day. And while noises didn't seem to bother Kalle yesterday, today every little sound was a trigger for the next seizure.

Tonight we were supposed to perform for the first time since...what...october or november 2009? We rehearsed a couple of times with our dear friend Esther van Es. Nice songs, sounded great together. We had to perform in a little restaurant in Schipluiden, near Delft. Jan's mom came over to take care of Kalle at Esther's place, close to the restaurant. So if anything would happen Jan or I could check what's going on. We knew there was a little chance that Jan and Esther would have to perform without me, in case Kalle wouldn't be okay.
Half an hour before the gig  - while we were already in Schipluiden - I decided to return home with Kalle. He wouldn't stop crying, had lots of seizures, couldn't handle any unexpected noises. It was just too much. So what was supposed to be a nice evening turned into a big disappointment. Kalle can't help it, we can't help it. It just sucks.
Jan and Esther performed without me, Jan's mom drove Kalle and me home. Kalle calmed down in the car and slept a while. So I guess I took the right decision. I just wish it wouldn't have been necessary.

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