donderdag 14 april 2011


Sneezing and coughing, that's what we hear all day now. Kalle has a cold. A real one. It irritates him like it would irritate any other kid. But unfortunately - if he has a bad day - coughing triggers his seizures. It's almost like with every cough his head gets mixed up. We have to check his temperature, just to be sure there's no pneumonia trying to sneak up on him. His lower muscle tension makes it more difficult for him to cough properly. Hopefully he'll be better very soon.

Last week we went to see Kalle's osteopath (forgot to about it in the last post). After the treatment we had a completely different child: very alert, calm, relaxed, almost no seizures. It was weird to see Kalle in a way we have never seen him before. Weird because we realized that somewhere inside of him there's a child that actually can have a good time. But this child gets held down by this ugly monster called epilepsy. Unfortunately Kalle's good vibe only lasted one day. This afternoon we had another appointment. It would be great if the positive effect would last a bit longer this time.

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