woensdag 8 juni 2011

Hospital :-(

Looks like Kalle has some difficulties recovering from his nasty cold. Too much phlegm, not enough energy to drink all his bottles. But the reason we went to the hospital today was a very low temperature: only 35 degrees Celcius. We hoped they would only check his blood for bacterial infections (which they did...everything looked fine...so it's a virus). But like in january, the oxygen level is just too low. 100 is perfect, 96 is perfectly fine, but Kalle had 92, 93... His lungs sound okay though. Just a lot of phlegm that needs to come out.
So they gave him some oxygen and they want to keep him in the hospital for at least one night. That's the same thing they told us in january. We stayed two weeks... Let's hope Kalle feels better tomorrow and we can go home together. Jan is staying with Kalle tonight, I'm sleeping in my own bed (which feels terrible).
The crazy things is: There was almost no epileptic activity during the last days.

Tooth-update: almost there!

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  1. Marijke, SOSMIES9 juni 2011 om 07:38

    Vervelend dat hij in het ziekenhuis ligt, hopelijk weer snel thuis.