dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Back home

We're back home, after a day and a night at the epilepsy center. We're exhausted, tired. Carrying Kalle around with wires on his head and a small box attached to him wasn't exactly fun. Jan had to work in the afternoon and in the evening. He got back to the center after midnight.
We had a 'push button' we had to use every time we notice a seizure. This morning we heard that we pushed the button 50 times during 24 hours. That's terrible and confronting. Yesterday was one of those days the epilepsy monster was ugly and strong.
This morning, when we got home, we put Kalle in his bath tub and clean his head in order to remove the glue they used to attach the electrodes. At least we think he feels more comfortable today. Does he feel we're back home?
The doctor will now analyze the EEG. This may take a while, maybe weeks.
We're hoping for better days, with more alertness and less seizures. Can please somebody talk to that stupid monster??

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